Jarid Does the Voice! Episode #96

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

There is a voice deep inside all of us that comes out at the most fantastic times.  These are times when we long for that perfect opportunity to laugh and cry with our friends.  This is the voice that we wish we had when people ask us how strong we are or how much we care.  The voice may be different for everyone.  It may be that deep dark secret that we keep with us when we pretend we are proposing to that special someone (Tina Turner, of course!)  It could also be that voice that chills us in the night when we realize that if we woke up with Shuma Gorath standing…does he stand?…over us, we would scream out in pure unadulterated terror.  The shriek of a small but terrified hamster.  That voice reveals so much about us.  That voice is a facet of who we are.  That voice is what we give you all on this show.  And that voice, sadly, for Jarid is what he calls his….well, why spoil it?  Listen to this show and just…just forgive him.  Okay?  Just…he deserves our sympathy.

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