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It’s Top 10 Tuesday and what better way to prepare for this quarter’s The Marvelous Box than to give you a Top 10 reasons to subscribe to The Marvelous Box!

Mardi Gras Mayhem – I Missed Lundi Gras?! Episode #102

It’s a Daredevil themed Mardi Gras everybody!  What do you like most about Mardi Gras?  Is it the masks?  Is it the floats?  Is it how a bunch of people are gathered together celebrating all the pagan gods of drunkenness?  … Continued

Jarid Does the Voice! Episode #96

There is a voice deep inside all of us that comes out at the most fantastic times.  These are times when we long for that perfect opportunity to laugh and cry with our friends.  This is the voice that we … Continued

Top 10 Tuesday: Greatest Marvel Stories Of All Time

With over seventy-five years of history, and thousands upon thousands of stories, which Marvel story is the best of all time? It’s a question that has been and will be debated for years. In an attempt to scientifically resolve this … Continued

M6P #90: The 2015 M6P Comic Awards

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The Only Awards that Matter! Every year it’s the same thing.  Blah blah blah…the Oscars.  Are they white?  Are they black?  Did enough women win?  Will the guy with the funny nose fall and straighten that nose out finally?  Will … Continued

616 Releases and Covers (04/29/2015)

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MARVEL COMICS FEB150810 ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 $3.99 FEB150705 AVENGERS #44 TRO $4.99 FEB150780 DAREDEVIL #15 $3.99 FEB150796 FANTASTIC FOUR #645 $5.99 FEB150671 INHUMAN #14 $3.99 FEB150691 MAX RIDE FIRST FLIGHT #2 $3.99 FEB150813 MOON KNIGHT #14 $3.99 FEB150709 … Continued