Mardi Gras Mayhem – I Missed Lundi Gras?! Episode #102


It’s a Daredevil themed Mardi Gras everybody!  What do you like most about Mardi Gras?  Is it the masks?  Is it the floats?  Is it how a bunch of people are gathered together celebrating all the pagan gods of drunkenness?  Or is it the family fun?  (I think you are getting mixed up with what part is enjoyable and which part is reprehensible.)  Not at all!  I think the best thing about this wonderful grape juice holiday is how many people pretend to be super heroes–they are everywhere!  (No, that’s not what they are doing.  They are hiding their faces because they are namelessly celebrating Fat Tuesday.)  Then why are they doing it on Monday?  (Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras day, but the season lasts a few months.)  You mean to tell me that all these people have been walking around drunk for TWO MONTHS?!?!?  (…for simplicity’s sake, “yes.”)  Then they aren’t super heroes at all!  NO, not at all.  They are…super villains!

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