Masters of the Guardians of the Galaxy: It’s Worse…It’s Much, Much Worse – Episode #105

Let’s be honest.  We didn’t watch the movie at all.  But we are pretty good guessers.  There’s really no need for us to spout off or wax eloquent about the film that can stand on its own two feet so well.  I mean, this cinematic masterpiece stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It lasts longer than time itself in the annals of foreverdom.  What can you say about a film so good?  It has that raccoon and the tree thing.  It has the guy that fought dinosaurs in that parks department show.  It’s got Vinny, the guy that should have played Venom in that 3rd Spider-Man movie that was made specifically to hurt my inner-deep-down heart.  And it has the Watchers!!!  The WATCHTERS!!!  Oh…spoilers.  Didn’t I say that?  (No, you didn’t.  How could you spoil that most amazing part?!?!)  Are you serious?  That part was ridiculous and dumb.  (What!?!  I’LL KILL YOU!)


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