Andy Homecoming – Episode #106

So Much to Read!
I’m going to break character for just a second and let everyone know how wonderful it is to try to catch up on so many wonderful comics.  I think this time it’s been great because I’m not reading by week, but rather by title.  I’m gathering up all the issues of–let’s say Spider-Man–and going through them all at once.  That then gets me interested in what’s going on with Spider-Gwen.  (It does?)  Well, no, but there was a tie-in there.  (So you just lied?  You lied to the face of our listeners…our fans…our brothers and sisters?)  I think you’re being a little dramatic, don’t you?  (I do not.  I think I’m being as dramatic as I could possibly need to be in order to convey the amount of terror you should feel from our listeners feeling terror that you are lying to their faces!)  That’s the second time you said that.  You said I’m lying to their faces.  This is like a blog, man.  (No!  NO!  You don’t get to dictate to me what is and is not a web log!  Just because you like Spider-Man, you feel you can dictate anything that has the word “web” in it?  Or “spider,” or “Peter!”)  What are you talking about?  When did I dictate to you anything about the name Peter?  (You told me your interest was “Peter-ing” out when I was talking to you about the dream I had about the 87 sided dice for my new headless virtual reality Teletubbies game.)  I…I can’t have this conversation with you right now.

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