Fighting The Legacy – Episode #109

Back to Original Numbering…(sorta)!
We are always so happy when we get that feeling of comfort and familiarity.  “That’s what it felt like to read comics when I was a kid.”  That’s really what we all long to say.  We try to recapture that moment of hope and wonder that comes along the first time you open up a comic.  To some of us it happened early on in life, and for others they were late bloomers.  But nothing compares to having your heart leap when Spidey overcomes his own fears and doubts to save the day.  Nothing is better than having Cap do what’s right no matter how dense the moral murkiness seems.  There is nothing like realizing for the first time what makes Thor truly worthy.  However, as time goes on, it seems that those issues that make your heart leap become fewer and farther between.  And that’s why we are excited folks.  Maybe…just maybe with Marvel looking toward their roots a little bit more we can experience the thrill and emotion one more time.  These aren’t just “funny books.”  No, this is our heart and soul.  These are our heroes.  We sit behind the pages hoping that one day we can be more like Steve or Matt or Peter or Scott or even Logan.  We see something in these characters that make us want to be better.  When they struggle, we pull for them.  When we struggle, we know they’ve been there too.  Marvel, please, make us wonder again.  Show us who we can be one more time.  Give us our heroes.  (Wow, that’s totally sappy, man.)  Just shut up.

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