Thor Punishes the Cebulski – Episode #110

That’s Not Really True!
Huge news!  Just huge!  That’s right.  Bendis has left Marvel never to return!  (We don’t know that.)  Thor, titled Thor 3 was the best movie in the universe!  (That’s not the title.)  Punisher is underwhelming and is basically an animated kids show!  (Now you’re just going to get parents to hate us.)  And lastly Axel Alonso is opening up his own pizza place in the Marvel lobby.  (I think that’s offensive)  Is it?  I don’t see how.  I love pizza.  Also, there is no reason why the Marvel offices shouldn’t have 3 different pizza places right in the lobby.  Joey Q’s Pizza Pies, the Alonso Hulking Pizzeria, and Brevoort & CB’s Pizza Castle.  (I don’t even know what to say about this.  How did we get on this topic?)  My goodness I am So. Hungry.  Where is that package of tuna that Frank left me?

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