Fresh Start: Trying The Number Ones! – Episode #115

Now? Now, Andy? Now you are appreciating Dan Slott’s Spider-Man? He’s got one issue left until Nick Spencer jumps on the book. (Well, you know what they say, “They cut down all the trees and they constructed a bunch of parking spaces.”) That is not what they say at all. I’m dumbfounded at how idiotic that statement was. (Hahahaha! You called yourself dumb!) No I didn’t, I said I was dumbfounded. Why in the world would you start to enjoy Slott’s run on Spider-Man now that he will be leaving the book after these past 10 years? (Do you really want to know the truth?) Yes. Why would I ask you if I didn’t want to know the truth? (I think I’m afraid.) What do you mean? (I’m afraid of being out there alone. I’m afraid of the possibility of another bad run on Spider-Man.) I’m still a little confused, man. And now, actually, a little concerned. What do you mean? (We’ve had 10 years of poor Spider-Man writing. But we’ve had 10 years of knowing exactly what we were in for. We knew it wasn’t going to really be our Peter Parker or our Spider-Man. There was a comfort in knowing precisely what to expect.) And now you have a chance of getting great Spider-Man stories with good characterization and plots and not Peter being Tony Stark. (RIGHT!! RIGHT!!!!! We have a “chance…” …we also have chance of being let down like no other time before. At least we knew we were getting poor writing. Now, our hopes and dreams could be crushed beyond anything we’ve experienced in the last 50 years!) … … You’re ridiculous, you know that?

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