Empyre Salad: I Thought We Were Supposed To Save The Planet? Episode #127

Has it really come to this?  I gotta say, I wasn’t ever expecting this type of conundrum during my lifetime.  Growing up, I always heard that we have to be kind to Mother Nature and that we really should make sure that we don’t hurt the environment.  Now I know the environment is more than plants, but it’s the deer and the fungus and the sun and the breeze as well.  Somebody once told me that it’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together even…not sure if that’s true…but that’s besides the point.  However, now things have gotten so mixed up that I have to figure out if I have to let the planet die or the plants die?!?  I thought they were on the same team!!!  Keep the animals safe, keep the water safe, keep the plants safe…but don’t blow up the Earth?!?  2020 has thrown us some curve balls, but COME ON!!!  I gotta say, if I have to choose between crispin’ up the planet with the supernova or taking out the salad bar at Shoney’s, you know where my allegiance lies!  I’m suiting up and throwing on my Make Salad Great Again hat and chomping down on some veggies, bro!  (I really don’t think now’s the time to politicize this issue.)  What are you talking about?  (The Trump reference you just made about the hat.)  Oh this thing?  I got this thing from a chick I used to know at Subway when I was in high school.  I asked for her phone number and never called her.  True story.  (That’s just sad.)

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P.S. This episode was recorded in early September. Jarid’s computer broke and he was just able to get a new one and thus the episode has now been uploaded! Sorry for the delay!