Top 10 Marvel Wasp Costumes!

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Here at the M6P we have a passion for fashion! Well, not really, but we know someone who does. That someone is Janet VanDyne, founding Avenger better known as the Wasp. As a fashion designer she’s created over one hundred costumes for herself, and today we are counting down the 10 best.

Let’s talk about a few that won’t make the list. First, this weird bug Wasp from the late 90s. It’s not a costume, they just turned Jan into a weird bug.

Next, Hank Pym, he decided to take up the name in honor of his then late wife. In addition to not being Janet VanDyne, he looks like he should be on the cover of Sgt. Pepper.

Finally, Nadia Pym, I actually like this one. It’s a nice combination of Jan’s original costume with some modern flair. However the purpose of this list is to count down Janet VanDyne’s top costumes, so let’s get on with it….


10. The tenth best outfit designed by Jan(and Alan Davis) debuted after the Avengers decided to take a more proactive approach to crime fighting (Avengers vol. 3 #38) It’s sleek and simple, seamlessly weaving her trademark W into the gold stripes on a field of navy blue.

9.While taking on the Masters of Evil (Avengers vol 1 #54) Ms. VanDyne came up with this lovely green plaid miniskirt. The functional pouches help to make this fashionable dress a Superheroic garment. Her flair for style (John Buscema) help make this our number nine design.

8. The great number 8 was first seen when the Avengers had returned from another dimension after the events of Onslaught. (Avengers vol.3 #1) Jan(and George Perez) designed a simple red halter top with red leggings and white boots. A fun design that comes in at number 8.

7.This all gold costume incorporates the W emblem into the chest to separate the Gold on gold. We first saw this one when the Avengers met with Jocasta for the second time. (Avengers vol.1 #170, George Perez)

6. The red and gold became one of Jan’s longtime staples(John Buscema Avengers vol 1 #55). A full red bodysuit with a gold leotard, gloves and boots keep this simple and effective.

5. Jan was one of the founding members of the unity squad, and her fashion designs even helped to fund the team. So of course she designed a special costume to wear with the team (Uncanny Avengers #10) Here she(Daniel Acuna) combines the functionality of her original design with the colors of an actual wasp.

4. This was Jan’s main uniform while she was the leader of the Avengers(Avengers 267). Similar to costume number 6 with different boots and colors. She(John Buscema) designed one her most lasting costumes that is still considered a classic today.

3 The original,(Jack Kirby) Janet’s first foray into the superhero world(Tales to Astonish 44)was as fashionable as anyone else in the 616. She would wear a black and red outfit with a built in microphone to talk to her partner(s). She was easily the most stylish of the founding Avengers, although it isn’t tough to beat ripped purple pants.

2. This beautiful blue and white number is something you might see on a Parisian runway. Mostly white with blue trim, Jan (George Perez) decided to go with only one leg in this costume. I sometimes emulate this look when I’m too hot under a blanket, but Jan makes this work and has worn this on and off for years. (starting in Avengers #194)

1. The number one costume on the list is probably the one she’s worn the most. Mostly black with gold Wasp like pattern on the front, Janet (Oliver Coipel ) really struck gold with this costume. She would wear(first in Avengers vol. 3 #71) it through Civil Wars, Secret Invasions and more. This costume with the shorter haircut has become Janet VanDyne’s signature look.

Top 10 Wasp Costumes Recap!


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