Kamala Khan and the Booty Flaps: What are those things on her bottom? Episode #131


It’s taken us a while to find the laptops, the microphones–I don’t think we actually found those–find the duct tape and the glitter and the cosplay outfits with the black and the white and the booty flaps that SWORD has…but somehow, we did it!  That’s right.  A brand-spankin’-new episode coming right at your earholes for the first time in over a year!  You could even call it our annual show!!!  But please don’t call it that.  It makes us sad in our hearts to think that it took over a year to make up from the fight we had last time while writing the episode synopsis.  (Check out the episode synopsis from our October 3rd 2022 show!  That’ll tell you right there why it’s taken so long to get back in the saddle!  And what a saddle it is!  This episode we fly further, and higher, and faster, and holding hands, and switching places, with light, and glitter, and French braids, and black girl magic to really get to the heart of the cinematic masterpiece that is “The Marvels.”  Now, I know what you are thinking…could those guys ever do justice to such a tremendous piece of art and culture and history? Let me assure you, we are actually cultured now.  We took the last 12 to 14 months with our pinkies raised and our noses stuck firmly in the upward direction.  We CAN evaluate this cinematic adventure.  And boy, do we!!
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