The Costume Collection of Storm


Since Storm’s first appearance in 1975, she’s had a variety of costumes. She’s had iconic costumes and some not so iconic costumes. Some have reflected the times and others seemed to have been an experiment. The majority of Storm’s costume’s have featured her in darker colors, typically black and dark blue. Storm’s never been one for keeping a bright costume for too long. While this list is by no means exhaustive of every Storm costume, it does highlight a great majority. Let’s take a look at a few of Storm’s uniforms throughout the years!

stormoriginalThis is Storm’s original costume and some say her most iconic (her other most iconic will be discussed later). This costume is, for the most part, a simple black bathing suit and gold ring that brings the two pieces together. Thigh high boots, cape, and tiara round out this legendary costume. As Storm’s uniforms have changed throughout the years, most of the costumes have just been versions of this very first costume.


Here’s Punk Storm! Inspired by hanging out with Wolverine’s friend Yukio, Storm decided to give into her inhibitions and cut her hair into a mohawk. This costume was a huge departure for the Goddess of the weather. Gone was the flowy cape and tiara – enter the leather clad look of the weather  manipulator supreme! Storm’s attitude was also much rougher during this time period and it was quite a change for everyone.



Though only worn for a brief time, this costume is one of Storm’s fans favorite uniforms. Loki had given Storm an Asgardian hammer which transformed her into an even more powerful force to be reckoned with! Storm’s revisited this costume since it’s inception, but only for a brief time.


Storm wore this costume with modifications here and there along with various hairstyles. This basic black number was a fairly plain jumpsuit which covered Storm’s entire body.


While in space, Storm wore the basic X-Men training uniform very similar to the costumes of the original X-Men. This costume was the same for all of the X-Men at the time.


The black jumpsuit eventually morphed into this creation. Jim Lee took pieces of that costume and added some yellow, took off the lightning bolt, and gave Storm X’s on her chest/shoulder pads. This is the other costume that Storm is most associated with as this is how Storm appeared on the 1992 X-Men: Animated Series. A large majority of fans regard this as “their” Storm they know and love. The costume has appeared in silver, black, and white versions.

stormpurp again

After a battle with Marrow in which part of Storm’s hair was cut, and her uniform being destroyed in another dimension; Storm decided it was time for a change – a drastic one at that! Joe Madureira designed this Japanese inspired costume for Storm. Storm got a hair cut with two long strands still in front, with a shorter bob in the back. The costume was originally blue and yellow and slowly morphed into purple and silver.  Storm started to grow her hair out, lost the cape, and added her original tiara after Bastion took everything (almost) from the X-Mansion.


Alan Davis designed this basic uniform for Storm. She started to wear it after the purple uniform and then brought it back after her time with the X-Treme X-Men team. This costume is very much inspired by her original costume. Storm has since worn this uniform with silver replacing the yellow, a modified cape, modified chest sash, high boots, and one piece leotard. This costume has appeared in various forms, but this is the basic version.


This costume was very short lived. It was designed by Leinil Francis Yu but the intricate details made it hard to be drawn by many artists and also proved to be time consuming. The costume was mostly black with purple and silver accents and a purple cape.


Another very short lived costume, this uniform just didn’t prove a hit with fans and wasn’t very memorable. The outfit was very busy on the top half and the head wrap failed to match the coolness of Storm’s original tiara.


Storm’s costume during X-Treme X-Men proved to be a huge hit for most of her fans. The costume pulled together pieces of her previous costumes, while adding a current flair along with color missing from most of Storm’s uniforms. Storm wore her hair up and long an added a red and blue cap to bring the outfit together. For a short time, Storm also wore her hair in braids with this uniform. Back are the thigh high boots and the lightning bolt pattern across her torso.


Simone Bianchi created this extremely busy uniform for Storm during her time she appeared in Astonishing X-Men. This costume would appear in other titles, but very rarely as most artists would continue to present Storm in her Alan Davis inspired clothing. The intricate details on this costume were very hard to duplicate from artist to artist and didn’t prove to be a huge hit with Storm fans.


Storm’s most current outfit was adopted when she joined Wolverine’s Uncanny X-Force. Leading up the team, versions of this uniform were worn by all members. Also courtesy of Wolverine – Storm’s mohawk returns! This sleek costume covers the majority of Storm’s body while still providing her with the ability to take down any villain that comes her way.

Other Versions of Storm


Storm wore this during her her appearances on Wolverine and The X-Men animated series. This costume is taken right from her Alan Davis inspired costume with added sleeves, hoop earrings, and yellow piping.


Storm wore this costume in her original appearances in the Ultimate Universe. This Storm was quite different from 616 Storm.


Storm appeared in the animated Super Hero Squad on many occasions. This costume is a duplicate of her original costume with added pants.


Another animated version of Storm appeared on X-Men: Evolution. Storm played a teacher to the younger generation of X-Men. You can see that many of Storm’s comic book costumes inspired this look.


Bloodstorm is a fan favorite and one of the most popular incarnations of Storm. Bloodstorm is a version of Storm in the Mutant X universe and explores how different Storm would have been if she would have been bitten and remained a vampire by Dracula. This edgy Storm’s attitude is reflected in her costume.


Storm wore this uniform in the short lived X-Men Anime animated series. This version is reminiscent of the Halle Berry Storm and didn’t make a large impact with fans.


When Storm meshed with Wonder Woman during the Amalgam event, Amazon was born!


Storm has appeared (in uniform) in 4 X-Men movies. Unfortunately, they’ve all looked similar to this costume. Storm’s never quite been given the proper costume (or hair for that matter) in any of her on screen appearances.

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