Madripoor and Man Hair: Yeah, that’s a pretty good length. Episode #132

*Editor’s note, Jarid is still an idiot and found another podcast he didn’t post. And there are more coming. He’s now on probation. This was recorded in February.
The bad news is that we never find the microphones for the show.  The good news is that we bought BRAND NEW MICS!!  That’s right!  Brand SPANKING new mics.  Hmm…I thought there would be more applause than that.  But no worries!  We got what you want.  You want to know about comics?  We got that.  You want to know about the new number 1 issues?  We got that.  You want to know how old we feel?  We got that.  You want to know what is the best length of men’s hair?  We got that.  You want to know about our dietary restrictions and favorite singers and why we hate ice cream…and flying…and water?  We got that!  Just like Wolverine’s semi-working healing factor, we are back up and at you with a new episode that will take your monkey cheeks, turn them upside down, and blow your socks off.  (What…?)  You heard me!  Stay tuned for our next riveting adventure of the cataclysmic duo from Dayton…area!  Drop those pretenses and gird up your loins!  We are going big and taking charge and smashing names!  (…I just…nevermind.)
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