Phased Out: Who Is Asking For This? Episode #130

*Editor’s note, Jarid is an idiot and just realized he never posted this. He has been severely reprimanded. This was recorded AWHILE ago…


There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to reassess and figure out if it is really worth it to keep going or to hang it up.  For Marvel, it was after Endgame.  For The M6P, that time is now.  Yes, we need to be circumspect and think about how different our lives are from when we started this podcast 13 years ago.  We need to consider the time commitment and the effort that it takes to set aside the other parts of our lives to deliver a quality–(Well, I mean, the audio on this one is pretty terrible.)  I mean quality as far as discussion and insight–(Are you kidding me?  Are you really going to claim that the ramblings of a nearly 40 year old mad man living in the jungles of West Africa counts as intelligent insight and commentary on where the MCU stands right now?)  Well, yeah, I mean…it’s been a while, but we give the fans what they want.  (And what is that?)  At this point, it may just really be an episode.  To hear us talk again after a yearlong hiatus.  (So let me get this straight.  You think that at this point you can just phone it in–literally–and the fans will all adore you because they are somehow clamoring for just anything at all that even slightly resembles what the show was like in its hay day?)  I mean…I wouldn’t say “clamoring.”  (You’re a bum.)  How dare you!  I come in here every single time to write an episode synopsis and every single time you interrupt me and give me a hard time.  You hired me for goodness sake!  (That was my FIRST mistake!)  Well, that’s it!  I’m leaving!  I was about to say that the show was going to reevaluate and decide that it was NOT time to hang it up.  I was going to do this big surprise that the hosts still love each other and love the fans and love Marvel and are going to do this until they just keel over and die.  But no!  You had to go and ruin it!  Oh don’t give me that look!  It IS time to reevaluate.  That’s right!  I swear on the grave of the last major character that died in that big crossover event that I will NEVER…WRITE for you…AGAIN!!!


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