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6Storm of the X-Men. She’s been around since her first appearance in 1975 in Giant Sized X-Men #1. She’s been a mainstay of the team serving longer than almost any other member. She’s known for her long white hair, white cat-like eyes, and controlling the weather. Halle Berry has portrayed her in film and she’s appeared in every incarnation of animated X-Men. In this column, we’ll take a look at some things about Storm you should know, might not know, and what should happen with Storm.
6 Things You Should Know About Storm
• Storm is an Omega Level Mutant. You can’t get much more powerful when you’re a mutant! This is an exclusive class with members like Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and X-Man among its ranks.
• Storm was previously married to Black Panther. The marriage didn’t turn out quite how it was envisioned upon it’s conception and Black Panther annulled the marriage after Avengers vs. X-Men.
• Storm grew up as an orphan after her parents were tragically killed when a plane crashed into their home. Storm once struggled with claustrophobia because of this as she was also buried in the rubble but managed to survive.
• Storm is a team player. She’s been on countless teams including: X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Morlocks, Hellfire Club, X-Force, and X.S.E. In many of these roles, Storm has been the leader.
• Storm is known for having close relationships to almost everyone on the X-Men. She counts(ed) Jean Grey as her best friend and refers to Colossus and Nightcrawler as her brothers. Wolverine and Storm have shared a mutual respect since their debut and she’s co-led the X-Men with Cyclops on a variety of occasions. She’s taken Rogue, Shadowcat, Iceman, and Psylocke ‘under her wing’ and shares a strong bond with Gambit. Storm was the only member to give Bishop the benefit of the doubt when he joined the X-Men and counts Beast as her wing man.
• Storm is the first African American female to have her own solo title. Her adventures are chronicled monthly by Greg Pak.
1 Thing You Might Not Know About Storm
• Storm’s birthday is November 25 (1956). Chris Claremont has stated that he shares his birthday with Ororo.

6 Things I’d Like To See Happen To Storm
• Storm should rejoin the Avengers – and this time make it count. Storm was a member of the Avengers for only a few issues before she left to join the X-Men during AVX. During her tenure as an Avenger, she was often taken off the board quickly in regards to battling villains. She was largely a background character and never got to share time in the limelight deserving of an Avenger. It’d be great to see Storm rejoin the Avengers as a second-in-command to Captain America.
• Storm needs a legitimate rogue’s gallery. Storm has faced the Shadow King a hundred times. The story with Callisto has been buried into the ground. Where are Storm’s heavy hitters? Storm is an Omega Level mutant with very few villains to call her own. She needs a Sabretooth to her Wolverine and a Loki to her Thor. Enchantress, Annihilus, and Holocaust would all be villains worthy of battling it to the end with Storm.
• Storm needs to unite and lead the X-Men. Wolverine had his time and has passed on. Cyclops has had the opportunity and failed miserably. Charles Xavier has passed away. Magneto is tip toeing on the line between good and evil. Storm has lead the X-Men FOR YEARS. It’s time for her to say enough is enough and get the X-Men to unite under her leadership. She shouldn’t be sitting in the background as just another team member. She represents the X-Men.
• Storm should grow out her hair. The mohawk was nice. To me however, it was just rehashing the past when she wanted to be edgier. I want her to move forward, not look back on the past. Grow that hair out!
• Storm should take Beast’s place on the Illuminati. Storm has proven herself to be far more trustworthy and ethical than Beast. The Illuminati was designed to take care of big things behind the scenes and it was comprised of people that could get the job done but get it done right. Beast is not the X-Member that should be serving; it should be Storm.
• Storm’s movie rights should be purchased by Disney/Marvel. Disney/Marvel don’t need to purchase back all of their characters, but at least get Storm! Storm’s cinematic presence should be huge and Marvel would make a cinematic Storm THE RIGHT WAY. Black Widow, Sif, and Pepper Potts have been nice but Storm should be the main lady of the Marvel Cinemtatic Universe.


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