Bendis Wraps Up His X-Men Run with Uncanny X-Men #600

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UNCX2013600COV-cd2aeBy Jarid Mayo

Whether you were a fan of Brian Michael Bendis or not, his work on the X-Men titles over the past few years has definitely left a mark. With Uncanny X-Men #600, Bendis will sign off of working with the mutants as Secret Wars approaches.


Bendis’ time on the X-Men has been marked with many different events. He brought the Original X-Men to present day from the past. He created a host of new mutants that followed Cyclops to the Weapon X facility. He introduced us to the marriage of Mystique and Charles Xavier. He rocked Dazzler to her core and took us through “Battle of the Atom” and “The Trial of Jean Grey.”


Another big announcement is the renumbering of Uncanny X-Men! This brings up a big question – is the series being renumbered or is the series ENDING at #600? With Secret Wars starting the following month, it’s anyone’s guess!