M6P #86: The Most Uninteresting Avengers

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aa086Tigra and Wonder Man, what a pair!

Hidey Ho, kiddos!  It’s time again for everyone to gather round and let Grandpa Jarid regail you with stories of grand old yore.  He will tell you tales of the X-Men all the way back from 1992!  That’s right, last century!  That’s right, too!!! Last millennium!!!  Oh, no!  Don’t sit on his lap, you’ll break the poor old man’s thigh bones.  No, let go of his hand.  His skin isn’t quite as elastic as it used to be, children.  No, no no….NO!!! Stop it!!  Good gravy!  You can’t just stomp on someone’s foot, Kevin!  Let go of his wig!  Guys….GUYS!!! Come on!  Now look, you ruined story time!  We were going to hear about before Marvel made a mess of everthing.  We were going to hear about the vibrant colors and how Storm is the best X-Man and how Joe Mad draws her amazingly!  We were going to hear all about POCKETS and POUCHES for goodness sake!  Oh well.  Jarid, I think you’ll have to tell us about the good old days next time….Jarid…are you asleep?  Jarid?  JARID!!!!  Uh oh.  Uh….children, Grandpa Jarid has to go for a ride now.  That’s right, Jon.  In the big white lighty, noisy car….Yep, you’re right.  It’s called a stretcher.

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