M6P #84: A Big Squooshy Container

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  How explicit do you want me to get? I feel like a lot of these descriptions that (Jarid) writes are very misleading as to what the actual episode is about.  Let me be clear, although the title of today’s … Continued

Battleworld Forecast: July 2015

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By Jon Durmin Buenos Dias Body Politic! With July we’ve got quite a nostalgia front coming in. That’s right we’ll have ’90s creators revisiting ’90s concepts on multiple new series mixed with a scattering of revival of Marvel’s most well-loved … Continued

M6P #83: Secret Wars Round Up

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Round 1…FIGHT! It’s no secret:  the war is upon us.  That’s right, and what do we have to show for it?  Surprisingly, a lot of good/mediocre/bad stuff.  (Well, maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise, BUT you will be … Continued