10 of Christmas: Or is it X of 2020? Episode #128

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder what is going on in the world.  I mean, who do you trust?  What is true and what is really true?  Do we even know?  Can we tell anymore?  That’s what we at The M6P are all about!  We are here to help you navigate through all the re-donkulousness of the world and let you know what is really going on.  We can help you know who is living on the moon now?  NOT AMERICAN ASTRONAUTS, I CAN TELL YOU THAT!!!  We can also help you understand who shot the President of the United States!  Spoiler Alert: it was Abe Lincoln!  We can also keep you straight on who has the swords, who doesn’t have the swords and who is drinking the Coronas.  (Alright, that’s enough.  Give me the megaphone.)  What are you DOING!?!?  (I apologize, shoppers.  Please go about your business.  I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to get you riled up.)  YOU!! YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!  (What are you talking about?)  Do you know what you just did?  You just infected everyone with the Secret Invasion Ms. Holiday Groot Special!!  The end is nigh!!!!  THE END IS NIGH!!!! IT IS THE REIGN OF X!!!

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Jarid AKA “The Good Looking One” became obsessed with the X-Men in 1992 when the animated series debuted. He’s been collecting ever since and has amased a small War Room of Marvel memorabilia. The Tina awards were inspired by his love for the Queen of Rock In Roll and he shares his hatred for sharks with Andy. Jarid is the X-Titles XPert.