Sunkissed Yovos: You Crafty Fox! Episode #129

Sometimes you just run out of things to say.  Well…now is NOT one of those times.  (Oh, no.)  That’s right, we are back with a vengeance!  (Please don’t.)  And we are all dressed to kill, going to the Hellfire Gala.  (You know that’s just for dignitaries and important people, right?)  Dude, we are like the press.  Who is going to give the red carpet commentary on the hideous genderific outfits, if not us?  (You didn’t just say that.)  What?  We are out there, man!  We are living this gala event with all the costume designs, crazy wardrobe changes, and most importantly the psychically linked concert and fireworks.  We are going to Mars, man!!!  (I don’t think you are going anywhere.  What are you wearing?)  This?  Don’t tell me you don’t know what this is.  (It looks like you took old tire rubber and glued it to a hobo clown llama, but that can’t be–)  Right?  You are correct, good sir!  This llama is a mutant llama that spits rainbows when angry and throws up diamond fireworks and stick cellos when feeling frisky.  (I’m going back to bed.)  Fine.  Fine!!  But just know that you are going to be missing the party of the century.  I’m jacked, bro!  I’m jacked to the A’s!!!!  …   …  Come on, Lemuel.  Let’s go spit some rainbows for these new X-folks.

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