Madripoor and Man Hair: Yeah, that’s a pretty good length. Episode #132

*Editor’s note, Jarid is still an idiot and found another podcast he didn’t post. And there are more coming. He’s now on probation. This was recorded in February. The bad news is that we never find the microphones for the … Continued

M6P #84: A Big Squooshy Container

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  How explicit do you want me to get? I feel like a lot of these descriptions that (Jarid) writes are very misleading as to what the actual episode is about.  Let me be clear, although the title of today’s … Continued

M6P #80: Gem City Comic Con

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People Actually Care! Let’s be serious for once, okay?  So we went to the amazing Gem City Comic Con at the Nutter Center in Fairborn/Dayton, Ohio.  We did a panel in the Berry Room.  (I know, I know…the Nutter Center, … Continued

M6P #79: Raboom DOOM DOOM!

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Got the Beat, Man! So now we all know.  Yep, we all know that Doctor Doom is Rabum Alal.  This is big news…I’m told.  Bigger news than other things like the white knights, the black swans, the black priests, the … Continued