The “Diverse” Marvel Universe

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In recent years, Marvel has attempted to bring more diversity into their line-up of superheroes. This included a wider range of ethnicities and sexualities in hopes that their books would be more inclusive to their readers. While I think that … Continued

We Don’t Agree…On Anything

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What can I say?  We are two different people. Jarid and I have reached a point in our “on-again, off-again” relationship where we are comfortable saying that we are two different people.  We are not co-dependent on each other.  We … Continued

2013 Year End Awards

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This Show Lasts Forever As the year fades into the ever-growing whispers of History, the Marvel 616 Politics hosts would like to officially commemorate the passing of greatness with our humble awards and predictions.  In honor of this event, we … Continued

Ms. Marvel #1 Sucked

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There, we said it. Honesty is very underrated in today’s society.  It is something that here at M6P we value beyond all else (even if it is spewing overt hatred and pretentious right-wing blather)!  I mean, just look at Jarid–the … Continued