“MODOK Assassin” Is The Latest Secret Wars Mini-Series…

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So…”MODOK Assassin”….yes, you heard me correctly. “MODOK Assassin.” Just let that settle in for a bit.


Is Marvel scrapping the bottom of the barrel now? This series definitely  came out of left field. That’s not the only surprise – it’s also being written by Chris Yost! Christ Yost. This man was responsible for writing X-Men Evolution (animated series), Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series), Thor: Dark World, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (animated series), and Hulk Vs. This man was responsible for writing Scarlet Spider, Psylocke (min-series), bringing X-Force back to life, Storm’s 3rd mini-series, and more. This man created X-23 and the Next Avengers. Did he upset someone?


According to ComicBook.com, the series will take place in “Killville” where MODOK is the #1 assassin. Look for guest appearances from Bullseye, Baron Mordo, Dr. Octopus, and many more.