M6P #79: Raboom DOOM DOOM!

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Got the Beat, Man!

So now we all know.  Yep, we all know that Doctor Doom is Rabum Alal.  This is big news…I’m told.  Bigger news than other things like the white knights, the black swans, the black priests, the Ivory Coast, the Savory Treats, the Who, and Peter, Paul & Mary.  Bigger than all of them combined it seems.  But how does all this fit into the new Marvel landscape?  Will the 616 and the 1610 really jive together?  Will the Last Days of all our favorite and fabulous friends really be their ‘last days?’  Will we ever see the Sentry again?  What about Jarid’s favorite character?….um….what’s her name?….it’s on the tip of my tongue. Uh…Lightning Girl!!!  Yeah, that’s it!  Will she do anything with her amazing cape and mohawk–er–I’m sorry, ‘Native American’ haircut.  But wait, isn’t she from Wakanda?  Now I’m really confused.

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