Return of Wolverine, Exit of Cable: Did Cable Really Leave? Episode #117

Now wait, I know there’s a real Cable and a fake Cable. (No, they are both real.) Just hang with me, okay? There’s really no need to correct me here. Alright, there’s a real Cable and a fake Cable. Now the real one just killed the fake one, so now there is only a real one. (I don’t think that’s how it is. The ‘older’ one was killed by the ‘younger’ one.) That’s not right. The fake one was killed by the shrimpy one. (…No…You may have misunderstood. First of all, they are both real. The younger one is real; the older one is real. They both are Cable.) Now you tell me, how’s that even possible. (Through time travel.) Hahaha! No, there are different dimensions. That’s where Ahab came from. So the fake one is the grumpy dude with the eye that was just in that movie. He was from a different dimension. (No, it’s time travel.) No. It’s not. (Yes, it is. How do you think Cable got so old?) That ain’t Cable. That’s the fake Cable. (You mean Stryfe?) Who? (Nevermind. Trust me, it’s time travel.) How can it be time travel? Ahab is not the same guy as in the book. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You mean to tell me that you think that the whale is going to come from the past and show up at the X-Mansion? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (You know that’s not a real story, right?) Do you think I’m an idiot? I know the X-Men aren’t real!

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