Top 10 X-Men Villains

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Welcome to the first edition of Top 10 Tuesday! Each Tuesday, we’ll reveal a Top 10 list that deals with various characters of places of the Marvel Universe. Who doesn’t love a good Top 10 list? You can agree or disagree,  but either way let us know what you think!



The X-Men have fought most everyone in the Marvel Universe. This list looks at who has plagued them for the longest amount of time and been the most difficult to overcome. Dark Phoenix? Nope. She really only battled the X-Men once has appeared many times since. Toad? Nope. Just no.

First up, honorable mentions. They were close to making the Top 10, but could use a few more battles with the X-Men to secure their spots.

Shadow King
Cassandra Nova
William Stryker

xvillains honorable

10. Brood

A common theme on this list is that these characters seem to consistently be a thorn in the side of the X-Men – and this one is no exception. No matter what the X-Men and Marvel Universe tries, nothing seems to get rid of the Brood.

9. Dark Beast

The dude is bad news and seems to be involved with everything bad that happens to the X-Men. From being responsible for the Morlocks and Gene Nation, to causing a battle between SHIELD and the X-Men, to infiltrating the X-Men as the 616 Beast – this guy is bad news.

8. Juggernaut

Xavier’s stepbrother can’t seem to leave the X-Men alone. He’s tried to reform but can’t let go of his jealousy towards Charles. This has caused countless battles with the X-Men and other X-Teams since his appearance in 1965.

7. Mystique

Though she’s ‘tried’ to rehabilitate herself by working as a X-Man, with X-Factor, and part of the Mutant Underground for Xavier, Raven always turns back to the dark side. If Dark Beast or Mr. Sinister aren’t involved, you can be Mystique had a hand in it.

6. Mr. Sinister

Before the X-Men were even formed, Nathaniel Essex was scheming, experimenting, and plotting against them. His fascination with the Summers family carried over to all of the X-Men as he tried time after time to destroy them. Sinister is responsible for the Mutant Massacre, the extinction of The Neo, and the creation of Cable.

5. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

In one form or another, The Brotherhood will always be after the X-Men. They’ve been led by a cast of devious foes and included almost every X-Villain known to man. Though their roster may change, they still have one objective: destroy the X-Men.

4. Apocalypse

The first mutant himself, En Sabah Nur has been waging a war on the world to find out if the strongest will truly survive. This has put him on a collision course with the X-Men on multiple occasions. He was behind The Twelve, responsible for the birth of Mr. Sinister, and transforming multiple X-Men into his horsemen.

3. Humanity

From day one, the X-Men have been battling humanity. The X-Men live(d) in a world that fears and hates them – hard to find a villain bigger than the entire world? However, most recently the X-Men have been more accepted by the world and lost that ‘edge’ of striving for acceptance from the rest of humanity.

2. Magneto

Though he served as the X-Men’s first villain, he is not quite #1. Magneto had done everything from murder mutants to reverse the polarity of the magnetic poles. However, he’s been on the side of the angels one too many times to be THE villain of the X-Men. He’s often on an X-Men team or running the New Mutants, so he just couldn’t be the ultimate X-Men villain.

1. Sentinels

These mutant hunting robots are the worst thing that’s ever happened to the X-Men. Created from the fear of Villain #3, these robots have appeared in dozens of forms, each worse than the previous incarnation. During Onslaught, they ruled the entire city of New York. In the Days of Future Past, the entire world bows to their feet. Bastion even implanted their parts into humans which made them even more dangerous. When it comes to the villains of the X-Men, they don’t get worse than the Sentinels.

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