M6P #68: Apologies and Disappointments

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Apologies and Disappointments

By Andy Kirby

We all have them

I can honestly say that I’m discouraged.  I mean it.  I’m saddened by the state of affairs that I have witnessed and speculate to witness in the near and long-term future of the 616 universe.  MY UNIVERSE!!  I mean, the Hulk is brain-dead.  Daredevil is outed.  Black Widow is trying to redeem herself.  And Spider-Man is actually Peter now?!?!?!?!  How much can they torture me with their wanton use of colorful metaphor that is today’s movie-goer?  Wait…sorry.  I am mixing my similies.  AnyWHO!!!!  The short of it is that someone owes me an apology!  I demand it.  I DEMAND IT!!  Apologize dern it!  Apologize for your time travel nonsense!  Apologize for destroying a whole universe in a box!!  Apologize for your secondary and tertiary mutations!!  Apologize for your intelligence and catestrophic use of the word ‘garters’!!!  Oh..oh my….I think I know who I’m really mad at.  Well, that’s revealing.  I…I’m just feeling so blue.

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