Toy Fair 2015 Marvel Report

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Toy Fair 2015 is going on now! Thanks to our friends over at Marvelousnews and Toyark, we have some pictures from the event along with all the details you need! Here’s a little bit of what was revealed:


Marvel Legends:

Wave 2 Avengers: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Batroc The Leaper, and Hellcat. Thanos is the Build A Figure.
Wave 3 Avengers: Dr. Strange, Blizzard, Vision, Marvel Now Iron Man, War Machine, Thundra, Valkyrie. The Build A Figure is a very large Hulkbuster!!
Ant-Man: Antman w/ mini Antman & Yellowjacket, Wasp, Grim Reaper, Tiger Shark, Giant Man, Bulldozer. Build A Figure is Ultron Prime.
2″ Marvel figures in blind bags.
Marvel Universe Infinite Series: Scarlet Spider-Man, Chameleon, Gold Ultron, Deadpool (Blue and Yellow), Emma Frost.
Marvel Legends Spider-Man Legends Wave 2:  Ghost Rider, Scarlet Spider, JJ Jamason (comes with Hammerhead and Chameleon alternate heads), Misty Knight, Kraven, Superior Venom, White Tiger. Build A Figure is Rhino.
Target will have an exclusive 3-Pack of Marvel Legends that includes Dr. Green, Vision (white), and Ultron (comic).

Amazon will have 4 exclusive Marvel Legends figures too: Thor, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.

Lego also ‘officially’ revealed their Marvel selections for the year too! Look for a variety of Age of Ultron sets, along with one Ant-Man sets, and 2 Ultimate Spider-Man sets.
2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man01__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man50__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man45__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man31__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man25__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man18__scaled_600 2015_NYTF_LEGO_Marvel_Ant-Man14__scaled_600The rest of the items are miscellaneous Marvel toys from various lines like Marvel Titans, Funko, and Dorbz.







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