Infinity War: We Could Go On Forever – Episode #114



My head is spinning. I can’t even get words together to form sentences right now. We watched the movie, we talked about the movie…but really…didn’t we just live the movie? Also…I think we are living it now and everyday here on after. Infinity War has undoubtedly made an impact on everything we do from here on out. (I think you’re being a tad overzealous, sir.) I don’t think I am. Did you see it? (Yes.) And did it not change everything? (I can neither confirm nor deny what I have seen.) What? That makes no sense, why would you say that? (Okay! OKAY! It was awesome! What is going to happen?!? How will they cope with all these changes?!? Did Jarvis really die?!?!?!) Jarvis? What are you talking about? (Avengers: No Surrender. What are you talking about?) Infinity War. (Wait…you told me to prepare for the most important Avengers story that ever took place.) Yeah. (So that’s what I did. I read Avengers: No Surrender.) I don’t understand how you can continue to mess up in life as many times as you do. (You told me to prepare for the podcast, and I did!) There’s no need to get testy with me. You were ridiculous and there’s no excuse for it. (WHAT?!?!?! Fine! We’ll just go to a time that we didn’t have this conversation.) What are you–ZIP ZIP ZIP! The green stone!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ………..My head is spinning. I can’t even get words together to form sentences right now….

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