Let’s Be Frank: Thomas Jane was Great in That! Episode #119

There’s a lot going on here in the MCU, the Netflix Marvel U, and the comics.  Spider-Man is finding his way, the X-Men are getting their leader back, the young X-Men are back where they belong and–of course–Cable is dead again.  I tell you, right when we think we are rid of the “young” element in these comics the writers introduce a new, young Cable.  Can you imagine the conversation in the editorial meetings?  “Finally, we figured out a way to fix the problem Bendis put us in!!  We sent those young X-Men back to where they came from.  Did anyone else think that that was going to be as difficult as it was?  I wish there was some way to know on the front end the corner we were painting ourselves into.”  “Me too!  I’m so glad we are done with that.  Now onto the next problem:  I hear that our characters are too old and unrelatable.  Any ideas?”  “Well, we could kill off an older character, but bring him back as a young one.”  “Johnson!!! That’s brilliant!!  It would be like we aren’t even losing a character.  I think this is the best idea I’ve ever heard!!”  “Did it again, Johnson!  You just reinvented comics!!” 

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