If It Was A Movie…Spider-Man Part 2


By Adam Lee

As stated in the first article, Sony and Marvel have joined forces for a Spider-Man movie! We don’t have a ton of details on the story line, so I went ahead and put together my take on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Since a sequel is inevitable, I wrote that too!

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming picks up with Peter Parker in his final year in high school. Having better knowledge of his abilities and having tested the limits on occasions, Parker is more comfortable in his role as Spider-Man.


His best friend Harry Osborn is now dating his new neighbor, Mary Jane Watson. It’s a win/win because Peter gets to spend a lot of time with his best friend and the girl who just happens to be more than a friend in Peter’s eyes but he would never do anything to break up Harry and MJ.


It’s been 2 years since the death of Uncle Ben and the lawsuit filed by Aunt May has been taking a long amount of time. Peter decides to take matters into his own hands and search for a law firm to help speed up the process. Little does he know that fate has already been set in motion. Peter gets in touch with Foggy Nelson from Nelson & Murdock to see if they can offer any better help than what they have been receiving. Nelson & Murdock are now representing the Parker family.


The actions of the battle with Kraven has set loose hundreds of criminals but none more vile and powerful than Wilson Fisk. With the loss of Wesley, Fisk must find a new colleague and with Fisk’s reputation, it shouldn’t be hard to find good trust worthy help.


While Peter Parker is enjoying probably his longest peaceful time since being bitten, the underbelly of the criminal world is rapidly accelerating. Fisk has been in touch with a few corporations to get his feet back on the ground and word is spreading fast. He has henchmen lining up around the block to work for him. Fisk has his hand in everything imaginable: school districts, police stations, county officials, governors, etc.


While at home after school, Peter is doing homework on his laptop and gets an email from N&M to set up an appointment to talk about the legal situation.


3 days later….


Aunt May drives to N&M while Peter takes the bus after school. The bus drops Peter off about 2-3 blocks from the N&M offices and he walks the rest of the way. He encounters a few thugs trying to rob a lady and her son. Peter has nowhere to go to change into Spider-Man so he must grit his teeth and watch the mugging take place. As he walks by, one of the muggers yells at Peter to turn his head and keep walking. Peter then stops in his tracks, and is about to turn around and help the lady even if it means revealing some of his abilities, but just as he does he hears a voice saying “Listen to him kid. This is no place for a boy.” All you see is the back of a man as he is beating the thugs and handling his own. Peter gets knocked to the ground during the scuffle. Once the man is done and hands the lady her belongings and sees that her and her son are on their way safely, he turns around and it’s the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen – Daredevil! As quickly as he showed up he is gone even faster. Peter has heard about this vigilante but doesn’t believe what J. Jonah Jameson has been saying about the guy. Once inside they meet with Foggy but Mr. Murdock is running late. Matt Murdock shows up and they discuss the financial situation. The Parkers receive a decent amount of money. enough for Aunt May to buy a new car and open a savings account for Peter so he can go to college.


That evening across town….


Fisk is in a meeting with the board of directors at Oscorp discussing plans and future endeavors. Fisk is telling the board about people he knows that can save this company with advancements but Fisk wants his fair share. He gives names of people that he wants on board: Melvin Potter, Aleksei Sytsevich, and Alistair Smythe, just to name a few. As they are having their meeting it gets interrupted by a man yelling, or what could be perceived as screaming, coming from down the hall. A man goes to check and comes back with no information about what was heard. The meeting gets interrupted again. This time it was yelling and what seems to be uncontrollable crying. Fisk sends two of his men to check on the situation and once again there is nothing to report on. Fisk does not feel safe and decides to end the meeting early. Fisk and the Oscorp board keep in touch and come to an agreement well in favor of Mr. Fisk. Fisk is now partner in Oscorp and owns 40% while the board owns only 30%.


At this point in the movie, a montage of Fisk moving into Oscorp and getting his guys together working within Oscorp to better the company and keep it from going under is shown. There are equipment labs, chemical labs, genetic labs, all with new enhancements and a new faculty directly under Fisk himself.


Weeks later….


Two men are wreaking havoc near Hell’s Kitchen and Peter Parker catches this on his in-ear police scanner – thanks to the newly growing S.H.I.E.L.D. He tells Aunt May he’s heading to Harry’s and heads out the backdoor. He is now seen swinging and climbing building after building, following the cloud of smoke left by the wreckage. Spider-Man catches a glimpse of the guys but they look absolutely normal. Little does Spider-Man know, these two guys were testing out the new and improved prototypes that were kept off the books from Oscorp by Fisk. Spider-Man then realizes while attacking both men that one is wearing a thin layer of light weight cloth which seems to be stronger than titanium and the other, 7 foot tall behemoth, is decked out in what Spider-Man can only describe as a scuba suit made from the material they spray into truck beds that absorbs impacts. Both of these materials cannot be penetrated by either fist of Spider-Man. His only hope is to aim for the hands, feet, and head. In doing so, he is able to defeat both guys after a long hard struggle. Spider-Man notices car lights turn on and leave once he finishes off the goons. Was he being watched the entire time? One of the goons makes it back to Oscorp after escaping police custody only to be turned down and kicked out by Fisk himself. The guy begs and pleads to be let back in. “I’ll do whatever it takes, just don’t give up on me!!” Fisk looks at Smythe and then back at the goon “Anything you say?” (that scene ends with Fisk putting his arm around the guy and all three men walking in the door with no words said.)


Days go by….


Peter, Harry, and MJ are all out for dinner after being dropped off by Aunt May. They are enjoying dinner when Harry gets a phone call from his dad. (Harry’s dad’s name has yet to be mentioned in either of the movies.) Harry comes back into the restaurant and tells MJ and Peter that he has to go because his dad says something is going on at Oscorp. Harry kisses MJ and Peter offers to pay for a cab ride but he was too late as he was interrupted by the screeching tires of Harry’s limo coming to an abrupt stop to pick up Harry. Peter and MJ are alone for the first time just like Peter had dreamed about over and over in his head. MJ ask Peter “So what do you think is going on for Harry to rush out so quick?” The only words that Peter could mustard is “I like apples.”


Next day,  late afternoon….


Neither Peter or MJ have heard from Harry and only have heard about a situation that happened last night at Oscorp. Peter is seen watching the news coverage and reports say that a tank has been stolen from Oscorp and is missing. The news coverage is showing a huge hole in the ground as well as a hole in the side of the Oscorp building. Peter’s Spidey-Sense is going off and next thing you know the ground shakes and a few pictures fall off the wall. Peter whispers to himself “Gametime!” Spider-Man is seen on the rooftop of a house just a block away from his own house where Aunt May is currently freaking out about possible ‘earthquakes in New York.’ Spider-Man knows knows it’s the vehicle that was stolen from Oscorp.


In actuality it’s a 7 foot man in a Rhino suit making the ground shake. He is causing panic, and after he takes out an entire condo just by running through it, Spider-Man then realizes that it wasn’t a vehicle that was stolen from Oscorp, it was this looney who escaped…or let free? Spider-Man walks out in the middle of the street all while telling people to get as far away as possible! Spider-Man grabs a federal mail box and heaves it 7 houses down and hits this Rhino dressed guy on the shin to get his attention. “They said you would come crawling if I had too much fun! Guess the Kingpin (first mention of the name Kingpin ever) was right after all.” Spider-Man cracks a joke and points at himself with his thumb. “Spider-Man!” He then points at the other guy and says “Rhinotron 3000?!” As Rhino walks closer Spider-Man realizes it’s the same guy from weeks ago that he stopped and also escaped police custody. The battle ensues and Spider-Man does his best to try and contain it and move it away from the neighborhood. Once Spider-Man figures out Rhino’s capabilities, and also how Rhino isn’t the brightest light bulb in the box, he uses this knowledge to start ending the fight. The faster Rhino moves the more dangerous he becomes. Spider-Man can’t keep up with Rhino’s stamina and sheer brute force. Spider-Man has Rhino chase him to Central Park and ends the battle by tricking Rhino into the Central Park lake where Rhino can get no momentum and is much more easily defeated. Spider-Man uses a gadget and solidifies the water around Rhino. His strength and brute force are dwindled thanks to physics…which Peter Parker just happens to be a wiz in.


Nightfall same day….


Spider-Man makes his way to Oscorp to confront whoever was in charge of whatever was back there. It seems Spider-Man is a little late to the party as Daredevil is currently fighting with Wilson Fisk and Spider-Man quickly notices Smythe, who is confined to a wheelchair, lurking in the distance with a rifle aimed at Daredevil. Spider-Man lets Daredevil handle his own until Fisk starts winning the fight. Spider-Man shoots webbing at Smythe and knocks the gun out of his hands and sticks Smythe to a containment vessel. As the camera backs away from Smythe you catch a quick glimpse of what is written on the vessel –Toxic Chemicals.


It’s Fisk vs Daredevil and Spider-Man! The two heroes are making quick timing with Fisk when Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense goes off right before 4 pumpkin bombs explode.


We are then brought into Spider-Man’s POV and see Daredevil trying to wake Spider-Man up. When Spider-Man wakes up he helps Daredevil out of the complex and Fisk is nowhere to be found. As they are walking out Daredevil thanks Spider-Man, tells him how it seems Fisk is now their common enemy and then Daredevil gets continued help walking from Spider-Man. News cameras are everywhere and people are cheering them on. They walk through the crowd with the help of a police blockade. Daredevil says he can take it from here. Spider-Man asks how he can keep in contact with him and Daredevil says “Oh I’ll be around but it seems you have more important matters to deal with at the moment.” As Daredevil points to the crowd you can hear one voice above them all; a girls voice. The voice asks for Spider-Man’s autograph. “Not a problem ma’am. Who would you like me to make this out to?” The voice answers “Gwen Stacy.”




Mid Credit Scene…


The scene at the park between Spider-Man and the Rhino is being viewed from a distance. A nimble person is jumping around keeping tabs on the fight. Then you hear “I wouldn’t mind crossing his path once or twice!” Close up of the Black Cat.


After Credit Scene….


The scenario right after the 4 pumpkin bombs explode, a mysterious silhouette kicks Fisk waking him up. In a high pitched eerie cackle he says “Your equipment Fisk. I need it all. I need upgrades to even better my chances of taking down the Spider-Man. All of you have failed me time and time again but I like the sound of us working together. Fisk and the Goblin….has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? HEEE HAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA!!!” (as you are hearing the silhouette say those words he finally reveals his face from the dark silhouette as soon as he says the word Goblin)


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