Is the MCU doomed?

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There are naysayers among us who love to say that the MCU is headed off a cliff. It is in a dramatic decline after Avengers: Endgame and if it doesn’t right its course the ship will be lost forever. These … Continued

Awesome Cover Alert! Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1

Marvel recently released an exclusive look at a variant cover for the upcoming crossover comic “Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War.” The variant cover for the first issue will feature a wraparound design with art and color by Geoff Shaw … Continued

Variant Covers Galore to Celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday

Marvel Comics will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the first appearance of Spider-Man by releasing a plethora of comics featuring variant covers of the web-slinger for not only the line of Spider-Man comics, but also for some of Marvel’s most … Continued