Is the MCU doomed?

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There are naysayers among us who love to say that the MCU is headed off a cliff. It is in a dramatic decline after Avengers: Endgame and if it doesn’t right its course the ship will be lost forever. These … Continued

Top 10 Tuesday: Plots We Want If Disney Purchases Fox Studios

Rumor abound online, whether editorials printed as facts, misleading and manipulated data, or just outright falsehoods. It was with trepidation we probably all read the report that Disney was looking to buy Fox Studios, the movie studio portion of the … Continued

Top 10 Tuesday: Bad Gone Good

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Sometimes all it takes is Spider-Man or Thor punching you in the face to turn your life around. Let’s take a look at some characters that made the correct choice, but still probably should’ve had some jail time.