M6P #90: The 2015 M6P Comic Awards

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The Only Awards that Matter! Every year it’s the same thing.  Blah blah blah…the Oscars.  Are they white?  Are they black?  Did enough women win?  Will the guy with the funny nose fall and straighten that nose out finally?  Will … Continued

M6P #83: Secret Wars Round Up

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Round 1…FIGHT! It’s no secret:  the war is upon us.  That’s right, and what do we have to show for it?  Surprisingly, a lot of good/mediocre/bad stuff.  (Well, maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise, BUT you will be … Continued

616 Releases and Covers (05/20/2015)

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MARVEL COMICS MAR150665 A-FORCE #1 SWA $3.99 MAR150697 AVENGERS WORLD #21 $3.99 FEB150782 DAREDEVIL #15.1 $4.99 MAR150644 DEADPOOLS SECRET SECRET WARS #1 SWA $4.99 MAR150736 DEATHLOK #8 $3.99 MAR150742 GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #27 $3.99 MAR150625 LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD #14 … Continued